What's new in the hp4200 backend

December 2002

1 December 2002
Added backend for SANE 1.0.8. Patches sorted in version-ascending order.

December 2000

30 December 2000
Added Mandrake and Red Hat packages. Thanks to Axel Gerber.

August 2000

26 August 2000
Included section explaining how to apply the patches.

20 August 2000
Changed last release to 0.2. More dpi's and gamma tables are now supported.

11 August 2000
Changed last release to 0.1-alpha-p1.

4 August 2000
Published the first alpha release of the SANE backend.

Added a link to the tool ``Snoopy USB''.

Added some links to other related projects.

May 2000

23 May 2000
Added instructions for kernel linux-2.3.99-pre.

April 2000

1 April 2000
The home page is updated.

The technical info page is first published for developers and curious people.

March 2000

21 March 2000
The site is created publishing a preliminar home page.

Adrian Perez Jorge